Car Care Tips from the Experts at Brown Motors

How to Care for Your Car

The experts at Brown Motors share car care tips to keep your car on the road.  If you want to know about your tires. Here's the answers on how to check your tire pressure and how to change a flat tire.  If your battery is dead, here are detailed instructions on how to jump start your battery.  Our technicians have even given some tips on how to get better gas mileage.

What Should I Know About My Car

The experts at Brown Motors want you to know why regular maintenance of your truck or SUV is so important.  You may wonder what type of oil do I need for my car and how often do I need an oil change? Or the engine light is on; what does that mean?  

Trust the Experts at Brown Motors

So if your tires are so worn down that you have no tread left, you can tell that you need new tires!  But it isn't always that easy!  Hopefully there are some answers to your Car Care questions here.  Call Steve, Joe or Jeff at Brown Motors Service department with your questions today: (231) 439-9662.

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