How to Jump-Start a Dead Battery

So Your Battery is Dead

If you don't want to call a tow truck, you need a willing helper who just happens to have a jumper cable AND a working battery! Here's how to get some life back in your car battery.

Precautions to Take When Charging a Battery:

  • Pay special attention to the connection orer - that's one of the most common and overlooked causes for unsuccessful jump starts.
  • Do not disconnect the disabled battery -- this could damage the vehicle's electrical system.
  • Do not let the working vehicle and the disabled vehicles touch.


How to Jump Start Your Battery:

  • Place both vehicles in Park or Neutral and shut off both vehicles plus all lights, etc. Park the booster vehicle close enough to your vehicle so that you can connect the jumper cables to the batteries with plenty of extra slack.

  • Clamp the red (+) jumper cable to the red (+) terminal of the DEAD battery first; then connect the other end of the red (+) cable to the red (+) terminal of the BOOSTER battery. Make sure that both metal clamps are in firm contact with the terminal.

  • Now connect the black (-) negative clamp to the BOOSTER vehicle's black negative (-) terminal; then connect the other end of the black (-) cable to a large, unpainted matal surface within the engine area of the DEAD vehicle, away from the battery (like the metal support that holds the hood open). Make sure cables are clear of any possible moving parts. 

  • After a final check, start the booster vehicle. Then start the disabled vehicle. Allow them both to run connected for about 3 minutes.

  • While leaving your jumpstarted vehicle running, disconnect the cables in the reverse order that they were attached (BLACK off DEAD car - BLACK off BOOSTER car - RED off BOOSTER car - then RED off DEAD car) and close the hoods. Keep the jumpstarted vehicle's engine running for about a half hour to allow the battery to fully charge.

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