What You Should Know About Car Batteries

Do I Need a New Battery?
How long does a battery last? 

Your battery helps start your engine and powers electrical features when your engine is off.  

You may wonder "How will I know when I need a new battery?"  Did you see the little battery or engine light on your dash OR hear a slow engine crank at start up OR smell a rotten egg smell OR see corrosion around the battery terminals?  Batteries last about 5 years.  

At Brown Motors our Quick Lube team will check your battery each time you come in for your regular maintenance.  

Let's learn about your car battery

When you need a new battery come see the experts at Brown Motors Auto Parts Store

The experts at Brown Motors Parts Departmets wil be glad to help you choose the right battery for your vehicle.  Be sure to check our Current Parts & Service Specials

Contact Randy, Tom, Holly & Erik the Auto Parts Team at Brown Motors: 888-715-0874.

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