Do I Need New Struts or Shocks

Defense Against Potholes

Your vehicle's shocks and struts do more than just contribute to a smooth ride.  In fact, their main purpose is to help you maintain control of your vehicle.  They do this by helping to keep your tires down on the road and not allowing them to bounce after hitting a bump or those nasty potholes that appear all over Petoskey's roads after our cold frozen winters. 

It May Be Time For New Shocks or Struts

Is Your Car Showing Signs of Being C.U.R.S.E.D.?

C - Car veering or sliding in side winds

U - Uneven wear on your tires

R - Rocking, rolling and rattling  

S - Swerving and dipping at braking

E - Excessive vibration in your steering wheel

D - Delayed or longer stopping distance

These symptoms won't appear overnight, they appear over time; so, it makes it difficult to determine if your shocks need to be replaced. 

The Experts at Brown Motors Know About Shocks

Routine maintenance is designed to keep your vehicle running at its best.  If you see any signs that your shocks are going, mention it to Joe. Our highly trained, professional auto technicians perform a complete preventative maintenance check of your vehicle's major components to keep your vehicle safe, reliable and in great operating condition. 

The Quick Lube experts will help you keep your vehicle driving safely over the potholes  of northern Michigan for many years to come!
Check out the full features of Brown Motors Quick Lube Oil Change.
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